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Original Harmonious Folk Music

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Rufous Nightjar is a three-part harmony trio consisting of Branwen Kavanagh, Anna Bishop and Zoe Basha.

The friendship of Branwen Kavanagh, Anna Bishop and Zoé Basha came alive in a golden wave of underground traditional and folk music in Dublin. The three were performers and musicians in their own right and took part in one anothers’ creative projects over the years. In the summer of 2018, their shared interest in traditional singing led the three to travel across Eastern Europe learning folk songs. During this trip they developed an intricate and harmonious dynamic which has led them to working together on a collaborative project. Having composed a number of a cappella songs around the themes of mythology, folklore, landscape, loss and the otherworld, Branwen invited Anna-Mieke and Zoé to collaborate on arranging the songs for an upcoming album for three voices. After a two months of development residencies in Ireland; County Clare, Killyon Manor (Meath) and Killruddery House (Wicklow) in 2021, they recorded an album called Songs for Three Voices which has been released as of March 2024.. Their first tour in the summer of 2021 sold out without anyone having heard a note of their material. They toured in Ireland and the UK in the Summer of 2022 along with Award winning Canadian Folk Duo, Mama's Broke. In June 2022 the three made their first appearance at the National Concert Hall in Dublin as part of Tradition Now. Following this, they were invited to take part in Other Voices. 

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